The Mid TermExam for The Legal Terminology Course

Q1: Answer only fourof the following five questions
1. …………….. is the body of legalrules which defines the powers that are conferred by legislation on public andlocal authorities.
2. ………….. includes the legal rules that organize the out-break andtermination of war.
3. The materials and process out of which law is developed are called ………..
4. …………… includes subjects such as the budget, taxation and loans.
5. The higher law of state which deals with the organization and powers ofgovernment and the rights of citizens is called ………..
Q2: Fill in four ofthe following five questions
1. The main characteristics of the legal rules are: a.b.c.
2. Subjects of commercial law are: a. b.c.
3. The general sources of Jordanian law are: a.b.c.
4. Sanctions accompanied by legal rules are: a.b.c.
5. Subjects of private international law are: a.b.c.
Q3: Answer thefollowing Questions True or False
1. Administrative Law is one branch of public law which governs the legalrelatinships which arise between individuals.
2. Complementaryrules are found by the use of words such as “will” and“shall”.
3. Delinquency is an administrative sanction.
4. The juristic person shall have a right of adjudication and dependentfinancial obligations.
5. Regulations are written rules having the force of law issued by thelegislative authority.
6. Private law consist of civil law , commercial law , labour law andpublic international law.
Q4: Translate thefollowing terms into Arabic
1. Letter and spirit of the law
2. Crime against International Law
3. Insolvency law
4. Dissolution of parliament

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