cd booklet
cd booklet is a very kind thing that you use as an envelope , cd booklet helps protecting the cd from light and sun , cd booklet is a very good thing , some activists for environment says that cd booklet is not good for the environment and they fight against cd booklet and call for stopping using cd booklet .
cd booklet comes in very different ways and colors , you can find those pretty nice cd booklet and you even can design your own cd booklet , In all these areas of support, UNDP pays particular attention to connecting to the UN global knowledge networks, promoting gender equity, inclusion of youth in development programmes, and the protection and promotion of human rights.

Bleed required 3mm.
These are the page sizes for your cd booklet of any size, 4, 8, 12, 16 page and so on.
A 4 page booklet is simply one piece of paper folded in half to create the 4 pages.

The measurements shown are exact trimmed sizes and with 3 mm bleed which should be added to each edge to allow for trim.
When the artwork is trimmed, slight variations can occur so the 3 mm is there to to avoid a white line being shown on trimmed edges.

Finished Artwork Size Including Bleed.
The above image is displayed as a printers pair, eg: pages 4 & 1 side by side,
page 4 being on the left and page one on the right.
The total dimensions including bleed for both pages would therefore be:
Total Width = 247mm ~ (3 + 120.5 + 120.5 + 3 = 247)
(Width page 4 (120.5) + page 1 (120.5) + 3mm bleed left + 3mm bleed Right)
Total Hight = 125.5mm ~ (3 + 119.5 + 3 = 125.5)
(Hight of page (119.5) plus 3mm bleed top + 3mm bleed bottom)

3mm Safe Rule.
No text or detail should be placed closer than 3 mm to trimmed edges or folds, this ensures no loss of detail etc in the folding, trimming process.